Thursday, March 06, 2014

Eat Sleep Fish.

As is usually the case, I've been a bit slow latching on to this. Eat, Sleep, Fish has been knocking around for a couple of years now. Brainchild of Pete Tyjas, Jim Williams and Ian May, this excellent enterprise is a roughly monthly online ezine which covers the whole flyfishing gamut, from saltwater, to destination fishing, to poking about on small streams.Embarrassingly, I only really latched on to how good a resource it is when I noticed a link to an interesting article last month by fellow blogger Ben Lupton (see here). The whole premise of ESF is that it reflects real life angling by everyday anglers. Anyone is free to submit an article and share their experiences and stories; and having been inspired into giving it a go by Ben's fine piece, I am delighted to point you toward the latest issue in which one of my efforts appears - a bit of ramble on the ins and outs of fishing the spring olive hatch.

There are many other, more worthy reasons to bookmark this website though. Having trawled through the entire back catalogue, I can wholeheartedly recommend ESF as a great monthly fix for all keen flyfishers. Have a look - it's good stuff. Links below.....

Home page

Direct link to my article

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Dave Smith said...

Great article Matt, and that beautiful brown trout brings back memories! Shortly to be repeated I hope...