Saturday, July 12, 2014

Struggling to find the words.

This blog has presented me with a problem of late. I desperately want to write something worthwhile, but somehow cannot find the words. A few things might be to blame for this, such as spending more time actually fishing than thinking and writing about it (A Good Thing); but perhaps the nature of my fishing has had the greatest effect. I've been lucky enough to get out very regularly and to a variety of different venues from stocked stillwater small and large, through upland wild tarn, to running water ranging from tiniest brook to large spate river. It's been a rare owd time for sure, but to keep updating this blog each time I return home would quickly read like a succession of soulless catch reports.

Better perhaps to post up a few photos which together sum up the last few weeks for me. Every image has its own story, each worthwhile in its own way, but I have neither the time nor the disposition to do justice to them here.

Stocks Reservoir: making good our embarkation in the Rob Denson Birthday Invitational Competition.

NCA Junior into his first fly caught fish - a special moment.

Small stream, big trout!

Small stream, tiny trout!

Grellin back in season

Flies for the High Place....

Stuart at the High Place.

Tony in deepest Ribblesdale.

A favourite bit of river back from the brink.

Saviour of the dog days - French leader and (my interpretation of) Leon style nymphs.


john rodmell said...

Hi matthew ,maybe the time for writing is when the nights draw in and you can reflect on the wonderful days and evenings you had fishing.
you're one of the best blogs around,I look forward to the autumn
Best wishes john..

Tom Chandler said...

Works for me. Nothing worse than a fly fishing rod reaching for something that isn't there. Always love your blog.

Jeff Hatt said...

Bloggers Block. Something to do with finding new ways of saying what you've already said before, time and time again. The mark of a great writer, I'd say...

It'll pass by.


ssj said...

Don't worry about it. Write when you can, I'll keep checking.

Matthew Eastham said...

Thanks John, Jeff, Tom, S - appreciate your comments. Thanks for dropping by.